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Our Approach

The Three Pillars of Our Curriculum

Every week, we will center group discussions and activities around various topics that inspire awareness of ourselves, others, and the world around us. These concepts can be explored through art, mindfulness, group discussions, experiments, reading, hands on learning, investigation, and so much more!


  • Discovery and understanding of our bodies, interest, moods, and feelings.

  • Embracing responsibility and safety.

  • Identifying growth, abilities/talents, changes, and challenges.

  • Developing self-concept, self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-awareness.


  • Discovery and understanding of family units, friends, classmates, neighbors, friendships/relationships, diversity, abilities, cultures, traditions/holidays, and animals.

  • Embracing and valuing diversity in all forms.


  • Discovery and understanding of community (classroom, neighborhood, country, world).

  • Relationships and our connections to each other.

  • Exploring of our connection to nature and all that surrounds us.

  • Impermanence and changes in seasons, life cycles, weather, etc.

  • Awareness of the space we occupy.



When we say “Mindfulness” we are really saying “creating awareness”. More specifically, the awareness of what is happening inside and outside our bodies and accepting it as it is. When we implement this practice in a child's day to day, we are giving them the tools for self-expression, self-help, confidence, and communication. 


Some ways we practice Mindfulness in class:

  • Daily check-ins to access our current feelings.

  • Exploring ourselves, others, and the world around us through hands-on observation, group discussions, art, and creative play.

  • Observing the natural changes that occur around us. 


Reconnection ● Observation ● Openness ● Thankfulness ● Stewardship

We are so lucky to have Fauntleroy Park in our backyard and the beaches of Lincoln Park just minutes away!

Although we get to be outside daily, for once a week our students will spend their whole morning out of the classroom and in nature! We will have nature based lessons and activities, mindfulness practices, games, and so much exploring!


The program aims to promote a connection to the natural world, a love and appreciation for our parks and beaches, and inspire a sense of stewardship and responsibility for our environment.


*Our younger classes participate as well, but at shorter times due to age and toileting needs. 

Educational Gardening
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