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Program Philosophy

Hazelwood believes that children learn best in a supportive, loving environment where they are encouraged by caring adults who observe and learn beside them.

The foundation of our curriculum is giving children opportunities, appropriate materials, and tools to create awareness of themselves, others, and the world around them. With this, Hazelwood is committed to promoting hands-on learning, diversity, connection, respect, and gratitude in all areas of our curriculum and day-to-day activities. All forms of families, diversity, and culture are embraced at Hazelwood and will be reflected in our books, materials, play, and discussions.

The environment is carefully thought out and spaces are arranged to reflect a child-centered view. Materials are displayed in a functional yet inviting manner which engages and nurtures the child’s creativity and curiosity. Toys, tools, and work spaces are rotated frequently to reflect the needs and interests of the group.

The role of parents to our school is vital and our collectiveness and communication is an integral piece of what will make our program strong. We encourage you to embrace the school as a community and get to know the other families and kids!

Hazelwood Mission Statement

Our school is a place that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growths, as well as awareness,

self-confidence, and a love of learning. For that, we are committed to providing a safe and loving environment in which children embrace exploration, discovery, and play!

Diversity Pledge

  • Promote diversity through celebrations of culture, tradition, and customs.

  • Embrace and enroll families of all structures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

  • Representing our community through our staff and knowing diversity and representation enriches us all.

  • Continuously strive to learn more from others, admit when we have it wrong, and lead by example with respect and love for everyone.

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